Vanderbilt University submitted by Emily Matijevich

Vanderbilt University submitted by Emily Matijevich: At Vanderbilt University, the NBD team combined the efforts of the Biomechanics and Assistive Technology Lab and the Center for Intelligent Mechatronics who visited to local high schools and hosted a three-hour open-house at the University. During the open-house, visitors toured the labs, interacted with faculty and students, and participated in lab demos. The first demo, “mind control,” used the Human-Human Interface kit from Backyard Brains to demonstrate the effect of neural stimulation on muscle activity and muscular control of an orthotic device. Next, the group explained how biomechanics instruments, such as motion capture and force plates, are used to assess movement. Finally, the team displayed several powered orthotic and prosthetic devices currently used in clinical settings. Throughout their NBD event, the Vanderbilt team was able to show a wide range of biomechanics devices and applications capable of inspiring a career in biomechanics and other related fields.

Here is a link to the lab!