A Greeting from Dr. Paul DeVita


National Biomechanics Day, April 11th*, 2018

Dear Biomechanists, High School Students and Teachers and Other Participating Friends and Colleagues,

We have organized National Biomechanics Day, NBD, to advance Biomechanics science and education by increasing the awareness and appreciation of Biomechanics among the high school community around the world. NBD 2018 will be our third NBD celebration following the hugely successful and enjoyable events the previous two years. These had over 9,000 smiling high school students and teachers in Biomechanics Labs around the world. NBD will be fun, exciting, and enjoyable science for everyone. In fact, our theme is, “Science Meets Fun on National Biomechanics Day.” It really does!

 Biomechanics education now occurs almost exclusively at the university level. The long term goal of NBD is to incorporate Biomechanics into high school curricula across the country and around the world. We envision a time when high school students can choose among math, history, biomechanics, chemistry, physics, and more. Biomechanics is placed in the middle of this list because it will be as standard as any other discipline. When Biomechanics advances by stepping back from a university-initiated to a high school-initiated discipline, more people will receive training in biomechanics, more people will enter university with an appreciation of biomechanics, and more people will ultimately choose to do biomechanics in any of its many manifestations as a career endeavor. Some will choose to do Biomechanics science but just as meaningfully others will choose to use biomechanics in medical, commercial, industrial, and performance based careers.

 National Biomechanics Day will be a unified and synchronized celebration of Biomechanics among all participating laboratories. We will all work together on April 11th, 2018* and demonstrate Biomechanics to high school students, teachers, and parents. Last year we had over 400 Biomechanists in 150 labs showing Biomechanics to over 7,000 high school students and teachers. This year…20,000 students and teachers? 30,000? This year NBD will enable Biomechanics to become the breakthrough science of the 21st century.

 Please return to this NBD website in the coming weeks and months. We will continually add new materials and information about NBD 2018. We are ever so grateful for your interest and participation in NBD.



Paul DeVita
Professor, East Carolina University and
Past-President, American Society of Biomechanics
Founder, National Biomechanics Day

*While most sites will hold NBD 2018 on April 11th, some cannot due to scheduling conflicts. These sites will celebrate NBD on dates close to April 11th and so contribute to the enjoyment and excitement of NBD 2018.