2017 NBD Videos

These videos can be used to demonstrate scientific and commercial applications of biomechanics during NBD. Please download them and show a few to your NBD participants.

To view the videos on the Vimeo website, click here. You must be on the Vimeo website to download videos. From the National Biomechanics Day Vimeo Homepage, click a video to watch and the “Download Button” will appear as described in the directions here.

Please enjoy and spread the word about Biomechanics!!!

Here is how Felipe Carpes at the Federal University of Pampa hosted a Nation Biomechanics Day event in Brazil!!

Queen’s University: Biomechanics science from the Human Mobility Research Laboratory.

Motus Global – Sport Science, Biomechanics and More:

Motus Global – Measuring Pitching and Elbow Biomechanics Outdoors:

ASMI – Using Biomechanics to Improve Baseball Pitching:

ASMI – Biomechanics on Television: Biomechanics of Elbow Injuries in Pitching:

Nike – Biomechanics & Sport Research – The Art of Science:

Nike – NSRL Overview of Sport Science: