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Hey Students – Curious about a career in biomechanics. Click here to learn a little about it from Dr. Tamara Reid Bush who is at the Michigan State University.

The “Make a Mechanical Leg, ” guide provides teachers and students lessons to learn biomechanics through constructing a model of the human leg including hip and knee joints. These can be used to prepare students for their NBD event or even afterwards to apply the ideas learned during NBD. Teachers can show and discuss this material during school and/or students can explore the material for homework. You can find a cool video to help this project here.

An especially interesting video to give more perspective about biomechanics and this project is, Running, Jumping, and Hitting: The Science of Sports. It would be great if the students viewed this video before NBD.

Biomechanists, please share this information with your high school groups. This study guide was created by Iridescent’s The Curiosity Machine. Please explore their websites for more educational materials.

Please use the 2017 Materials for 2017’s NBD!!

2017 NBD Teacher’s Guide – Make A Mechanical Leg

2017 NBD Student Study Guide – Make A Mechanical Leg

2017 NBD Warm Up/Cool Down Skills

Previously NBD educational materials.

2016 NBD Teacher’s Study Guide – Biomechanics and Energy

2016 NBD Student Study Guide – Biomechanics and Energy