Biomechanics In Action

 There are many different and exciting areas of biomechanics! Check out some of these below!
We will collect biomechanics videos over the coming months and display them on this page.
Please visit and re-visit us when you can to see new additions.

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Sport Biomechanics

ASMI – ESPN Sport Science – UCL injury & Tommy John surgery

ASMI – ESPN – Using Biomechanics to Improve Pitching

ASMI: Biomechanics is used to reduce the rate of elbow injuries in baseball

Motus Global – General Sport Science

Motus Global – MSleeve for Pitiching Biomechanics Outdoors

Nike – Biomechanics & Sport Research – The Art of Science

Nike – NSRL Overview of Sport Science

The next five videos show biomechanical analyses of different sports skills. Wow, pretty cool.






Studying repetitive head impacts, concussions in ice hockey players

Motion capture used to enhance Thai boxing movements

Tracking fencing sword nuances through motion capture

Pitching’s effects on shoulders, elbows of high school players

Analyzing gait in collegiate sprinters

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Kung Fu motion capture


Biomechanics and the History of Irish Dancing

Goalball throwing with a Paralympic silver medalist

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Human Locomotion

Slips, trips mimicked in lab to prevent injury


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Clinical Biomechanics

This video shows how Auburn University uses biomechanics to help the softball team.

Butterfly graphs from Dr. Ahsan’s Group

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Biomechanical Technology

IMeasureU – Using wearable sensors to improve athletic performance

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Biomechanics in Art

Motion capture skeleton dances to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

Ballerinas on point studied in motion capture

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Biomechanical Models & Robotics

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Biomechanical Imaging and Material Testing

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Animal Biomechanics

Motion Capture: Santa’s new reindeer dog

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