2018 Student Competition


NBD Student Competition 2018

The Student Committee of the American Society of Biomechanics is excited to organize the second National Biomechanics Day competition, to recognize outstanding NBD events organized by students. Our goal is to celebrate awesome NBD events and showcase biomechanics enthusiasts around the world.

We will be selecting the top three NBDs in two categories: Best Content and Greatest Impact.  Winners in the Content category will have an NBD that has high program quality for sharing biomechanics.  Judging will be based on the educational value and creativity of the content. Winners in the Impact category will have an NBD that gets a large number of people sharing biomechanics. Judging will be based on participation and event advertisement/coverage.

These six winning entries will receive special NBD competition t-shirts for up to 10 people, a poster to hang in their lab, and a gift certificate from Nike!  The visiting high school groups will receive the Biomechanics text, Trail Guide to Movement (see Here ) from Books of Discovery (see Here ).We will award Honorable Mention to great entries that don’t make the top three.

To submit an entry to the competition, fill out this form!

Entries will be judged according to this rubric.

Compile images and descriptions into a poster to showcase your event and upload it in the contest entry form. Check out this example poster!

Be sure to comply with any media release requirements if including pictures of minors in your entry. You can use the following template to create media release forms for your event!

Entries will be accepted through April 30th.  Winners will be announced in mid-May.

Please contact the ASB Student Representative (ker4e@virginia.edu) with any questions.

Some of last year’s Student Competition Winners