2017 Student Competition

Award recipients for the Greatest Impact and Best Content competitions are announced HERE.

2017 NBD Competition Guidelines

For this competition, we will be selecting the top three NBDs based on Content and Impact.  These winning entries will receive special NBD competition t-shirts for up to 10 people and a poster to hang in their lab! Our goal is to celebrate awesome NBD events and showcase biomechanics enthusiasts around the world.  We will award Honorable Mention to great entries that don’t make the top three.

How to submit an entry to the competition:  Send a brief report of your event to the ASB Student Representative (ker4e@virginia.edu).  Please include your names, institution, and location. The following items will be considered in selecting winners; you may address as many as you wish, and include other justification for why your event was outstanding.  Feel free to include pictures or videos from your event, links to websites/social media, etc.

Entries will be accepted through April 30th.  Winners will be announced in mid May.

Content (3 total winners- prize: up to 10 t-shirts and a poster)

Winners in the Content category will have an NBD that has high program quality for sharing biomechanics.  Judging will be based on the educational value and creativity of the content.

  • Describe what you did for NBD and make an argument for why you believe it was a high quality demonstration of biomechanics.
  • Upload overview (snippet) of the lab’s demo to the ASB teaching repository
  • Give a brief description of NBD demos/activities so that a reader could recreate it
      • What was the subject/topic?
      • What was the target audience?
      • What equipment was used?
    • Further/bonus consideration:
      • time effective  (i.e. relay the information succinctly in demonstrations)
      • cost effective (i.e. additional demonstration materials, not already used in that biomechanics lab, are inexpensive (<$100))
  • Create a form/survey to collect feedback from your audience

Considerations for discerning educational value and creativity:

    • Clarity: content in presentations/demonstrations is clear to a broad audience
    • Objectives of demonstration serve to foster the development of Biomechanics as a standard component in high school curricula around the world
    • Audience participation: How did the audience engage in activities/demos?
    • How did demos/activities showcase real world applications of biomechanics?
    • How did demos/activities showcase the multidisciplinary nature of biomechanics? Did you include a wide variety of biomechanical applications?
    • Creativity: use of imaginative and innovative demos of biomechanics concepts
    • How else did your NBD event exhibit high quality content for your participants?

Impact (3 total winners – prize: up to 10 t-shirts and a poster)

Winners in the Impact category will have an NBD that gets a large number of people sharing biomechanics. Judging will be based on participation and event advertisement/coverage.

How many people from your university participated in NBD?

    • Grad students?
    • Undergraduates?
    • Post docs?
    • Faculty?
    • Different labs?
    • Different departments?
  • How many members of the public participated in your NBD?
    • Students? What age/grade?
    • Teachers? What grade?
    • Other?
  • Did you post on social media?
    • Where?
    • How many likes/shares did you get?
    • How did you use social media to promote your NBD event?
    • How did you use social media to document/share what you did for NBD?
  • Did your NBD have any media coverage?
    • To promote the event?
    • To document/ share what you did?
  • In what other ways did your NBD event make an impact in your community or the biomechanics field?