• National Biomechanics Day
  • National Biomechanics Day

National Biomechanics Day is April 7, 2016!

National Biomechanics Day is a nation-wide event demonstrating Biomechanics in its many forms to high school students and teachers. Our long term goal is to foster the development of Biomechanics as a standard component in high school curricula across the country. Our immediate goal is to create synchronized celebration of Biomechanics among all participating labs and other biomechanics facilities around the nation; a Biomechanics Open-House. We invite high school students and teachers to contact nearby NBD participants (see the Participants link for a state by state list) and let them know you want to participate. NBD will be fun, exciting, and enjoyable science for everyone. Fantastic!

Please read the complete greeting from American Society of Biomechanics President Paul DeVita, Ph.D.

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